Dusit International has built upon its Thai heritage to create a one-of-a-kind, first-class experience for all. It is an experience unique to Dusit: one that endeavours to enliven the individual spirit, no matter what the journey.

What are your plans for the Dusit brand?

Expansion! It will be Asian-focused, but new hotels will open from the Middle East through to Africa and North America. China's a big focus for us, with 12 new hotels under development. It's a uniquely large roll-out – there was always that demand for Thai hospitality brands, so we think we've got great momentum there. We're also expanding our dusitD2 brand – predominantly in Asia where there's a rising middle class that wants something a bit more hip, but not all the bells and whistles that you get in deluxe hotels.

Where will those be opening?
We've got four hotels in the dusitD2 category open already and eight more coming up, from California to Kenya. There's been terrific interest in the brand.

Dusit Thani is known for its classic Thai style – what is it about the Dusit brand that's distinctive?
It's a 65 year old company, so it's ingrained in the culture and has become synonymous with Thai heritage and Thai hospitality. That's what Dusit is all about. And it's something we want to grow, extracting the best aspects – such as the warmth and service aspects – and introducing these overseas.

Do you find that you need to adapt depending on where you're operating?
You definitely have to adapt. It's about thinking global and acting local. If you go to Nairobi, you're not expecting to step into a piece of Thailand. But you are expecting the best elements of Thai hospitality adapted to the local culture. We're not a cookie-cutter package – we are now in an era of personalisation. Good food, engaging the senses, spa elements all underpinned by gracious Thai hospitality: these are our core strengths.

To learn more about the Dusit journey, please visit http://www.dusit.com/development

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