DEAR Sir/ Madame Issue: September - October 2005  



Devarana Spa, Bangkok Completes Renovation
Now, you can see for yourself, bask in and enjoy the spectacular New Look facilities of
Devarana Spa, Bangkok coupled with the most exceptional service.
All in keeping with being a truly magical garden in heaven turned into reality.

Devarana Spa Signature Treatments

Devarana Spa proudly introduces the new signature Devarana Scrub, an exfoliating recipe that expertly combines heavenly aroma of extraordinary Thai flowers with mineral sea salt, to effectively revitalize your skin, relax and soothe you. The signature scrub perfectly complements the popular Devarana Massage and the unmatched Devarana Bath for the ultimate soothing and rejuvenating experience.
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Shanghai Body Scrub
Qi, within us all, is your life force which is the fundamental of good health in Chinese healing philosophy. The Shanghai Body Scrub uses traditional Chinese herbs to effectively balance
your life force and generate lovely
and healthy skin condition.
Baht 1,650++ (30 mins.) / 2,100++ (50 mins.)
Available at all Devarana Spas
throughout September 2005.


Roselle Body Scrub
Inspired by Devarana’s refreshment,
Roselle Body Scrub has a sweet scent characteristic of a deeply relaxing blend of dried Roselle, mixed with tamarind juice, which is known as the first choice for well proven Thai natural beauty care. Your skin will be soft, brightened and glowing.
Baht 1,650++ (30 mins.) / 2,100++ (50 mins.)
Available at all Devarana Spas
throughout October 2005.



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